Fish tank

2.5 gallon tank, 2 filters, plants, water heater, and decorative cave. The white on top is from Hard water. Asking$10 or OBO
36 gallon fish tank Ready to use Everything pictured included, plus more - 36 gallon curved front tank - dark brown stand with full storage space - decor - plastic plants - gravel (if wanted) - Aqueon filter system - Filter cartridges (Large) - Prime water conditioner - Aquarium salt - fish food (flakes, tubifex worms, shrimp pellets, algae eater wafers) - Tetra fungus guard - Pimafix - Marina ...
Includes: tank (60-75 gallon),stand, heater, filter, bubbler, light bar, decorations, fish food, and fish. Fish: large pleco, 2 neon tetras (1 pink 1 purple), 2 skirted tetras, 1 white tetra, 1 bala shark, 1-2 pictis cats, 1-4 Cory cats (they hide so it's hard to count) Text or email only please
Fish tank. Plexiglass for hood. Cross posted.
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